Instagram Creator Profile & Studio – everything you need to know

Since mid-May, Instagram users have had the opportunity to change their private or business profile into a Creator Profile. In addition, there is now the Instagram Creator Studio, a counterpart to the already established Facebook Creator Studio. What this means and whether the changes are relevant to you, you will find out here.

What is a creator actually?

Creator is another term for the legendary influencer, that means a particularly sought-after and high-reach personality such as an artist, athlete, publicist or entrepreneur. Influencers receive an incredible amount of messages from followers and cooperation partners and therefore have very different requirements than, say, regular companies on Instagram.

These requirements should now be fulfilled by the Creator Profile.

What can the Creator Profile do, that the business profile cannot do?

The Creator Profile provides the influencer with better ways to manage received messages, as well as more statistics to analyze the growth of their account.

More efficient inbox

Incoming messages can be categorized, filtered and prioritized. In addition, the creator can classify the messages into two different inboxes, the primary or the general inbox. For example, cooperation requests from companies and fan requests can be separated.

Growth analysis

According to Instagram, it is particularly interesting for influencers to know how their reach is developing. Therefore, Creator Profiles provide evaluations that show the increase and decrease of followers over time. Weekly and daily values ​​can be determined.

Contact information & profile category

Creator Profiles can determine in the settings, in which ways you may contact them. In addition, the assignment of the profile to a category (athlete, musician, politician, etc.) is optional and can be hidden in the profile view.

Direct shopping

Very cool is the “shop from creator” option, which allows the users to purchase products, for example, the shoes that the influencer is wearing in the picture, right from the Creator Profilewithout having to go to the profile of the manufacturer.

Evaluating Creator Profiles via Creator Studio

Last fall, the Facebook Creator Studio was rolled out. It helps influencers to analyze their different pages in one place, to create and publish content, and to keep an eye on income through videos.


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