Top 10 most relevant Topics on Instagram

To best place your content on Instagram and find the appropriate influencers for your brand, it helps to know what appeals to the users most. We found out the top 10 topics on Instagram for spring 2019.

The list was created through clustering of the hashtags of 5 million posts on Instagram by topic. The order results from the number of times the hashtags were used.

If you compare the ranking with that of the previous year, you will discover two new categories. The topics beauty and family had to give way to the topics health and party. The remaining categories can be found in a slightly different order. 

No. 1 – Fashion

Just like last year, garments, shoes, bags, jewelry and co. are more popular on Instagram than anything else. The hashtag #fashion alone is found in more than half a billion posts. Hardly any other network is more suitable for distributing fashion trends than Instagram. The conditions for fashion retailers are even better now that the new in-app checkout has been introduced.

No. 2 – Food

Last year still in third place, the food category is now the second most represented. Instagram users cannot seem to get enough of the more or less creative photographs and video montages of food preparation, display and consumption. There are hashtags for just about every dish and food, every diet and every food trend. #bonappetit

No. 3 – Design

In addition to Pinterest, Instagram is certainly the most popular platform for staging architecture or interior design in a stylish way. The top hashtags in this section are #design#interiordesign and #home.

No. 4 – Travel

The category travel has dropped by two places since last year. Nevertheless, it is still one of the most used. Especially in times when more and more people are able to work from anywhere, #travel-images are part of everyday life and can be found on almost every profile.

No. 5 – Fitness

One cannot imagine Instagram without the immaculate, steeled bodies of its fitness gurus. Instagrammers like Kayla Itsines are gathering millions of followers who they share their workouts, motivations, and recipes with. As long as people want to be healthy and beautiful, this market will continue to flourish.

No. 6 – Nature

The topic of nature has gained relevance since last year. Hashtags describing landscapes, seasons, or natural events like sunrises are being used more and more often on Instagram. For example, the hashtag #snow appears almost 86 million on posts.

No. 7 – Inspiration

Instagram is the network of inspiration. Motivating lines of text on a beautiful background can be found so often that it is almost absurd. Almost. These may be the millennia-old wisdom of spiritual masters or the positivist newage phrases of business giants. This train is very easy to jump on. #nevergiveup

No. 8 – Health

The health category is new to the top 10. These are posts with hashtags like #vegan#wellness#organic and of course #healthy that benefit from the same drive of the users, as fitness, fashion or travel. The desire for a vital lifestyle.

No. 9 – Party

Party hashtags also made it into the top 10 for the first time. Users celebrate the hashtags #music#dance or #festival and diligently post photos and videos of concerts, event promos or nightlife moments.

No. 10 – Art

Art, last but not least, is a lively niche on Instagram. With the help of appropriate hashtags, like #drawing #artwork or #illustration, artists and lay people can show their creations to art interested users.


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